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“Cherish Our Girls”

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GWEN Talks Radio: Ep 1 honoring the “International Day of the Girl” through the activism of education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

GWEN Talks Radio: Guest Host, Betsy Chasse is an international best-selling author and single mom of 2 children. Betsy Chasse Site
Betsy’s new anthology book, “Dancing in the Unknown” features authors from around the world.

Guest: Rick Morrison tells his story as a single father, raising a daughter in today’s’ world. Author of “The Hug Store” and contributing author of “Dancing in the Unknown”

Music Inspiration: Gary Lynn Floyd “Unbound”

THEME: Cherish Our Girls


Tess Cacciatore: GWEN Talks Radio Host

Tess Cacciatore: GWEN Talks Radio Host

Betsy Chasse: Guest Host

Betsy Chasse: Guest Host

Guest Host, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker

Rick Morrison: Guest

Rick Morrison: Guest

Author, "The Hug Store" Contributing Author "Dancing in the Unknown"

Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary Lynn Floyd

Music Inspiration: "Unbound" GWEN Theme Song


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Children of the Night


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