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We all have a story to share!

GWEN Talks Radio: Ep 2 dives deep into the conversation of domestic violence, sex trafficking, anti-bullying.

GWEN Talks Radio: Guest Host, Kate Batten is an international best-selling author and survivor of domestic violence. KATE BATTEN SITE

Guest: Samantha Chapman tells her story for the first time. Her childhood was riddled with devasting circumstances, where her very own biological parents sold her over and over again to the “highest bidder” for sex, to get money. She is a true survivor and taking her life into action.

Guest: GWEN Gal, Lizzie Sider (singer/songwriter) who has taken her experience of school bullying into the schools. Reaching 15ok+ elementary and middle school students with her music assemblies to encourage kids to stop bullying. LIZZIE SIDER SITE

Music Inspiration: Lizzie Sider “Like A Girl” 



Tess Cacciatore - GWEN Talks Radio Host

Tess Cacciatore - GWEN Talks Radio Host

GWEN Talks Radio Host

Kate Batten - Guest Host

Kate Batten - Guest Host

Best-Selling Author - GWEN Books Marketing Director

Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider

Sample Title

"Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day" nonprofit to empower kids to stop the cycle of bullying.



African Upward Women

Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day


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