Global Womens Empowerment Network

Global Women’s Empowerment Network



Global Women’s Empowerment Network utilizes the power of media and technology to allow for people to share their stories and transform lives.


Through live-stream events, online-curriculum, and in-person workshops we offer a safe place for people from all cultures and all ages, to reveal their story so that healing can begin.  Led by women… Joined by men!



Once we are empowered to unveil the shadows
and step into the courage to share our story
we can Reveal to Heal.

Why Support GWEN?

The funds we raise for Global Women’s Empowerment Network are used to develop curriculum for workshops, online classrooms, and live events so that our voices are heard. Our goal is the transform lives through:

 Global Women’s Empowerment Network is building a global-driven community to connect with like-minded women from around the world for collaboration, content to be created, that showcases the stories of triumphant victories over the atrocities of abuse.

 Upcoming Classes, Events & Programs

  • March Forth Campaign launching March 1, 2018 – shining a spotlight on individuals and organizations who are marching forward to work in alignment of collaboration and empowerment
  • March 5, 2018,  Today We Rise #RevealToHeal Summit – in Hollywood CA to create a plan of action and solutions in conjunction with the #MeToo #TimesUp campaigns
  • March 13, 2018, Commission on the Status of Women United Nations (New York) Media and Solutions Panel – creating activism around topics that need to be shifted: early-child marriage, sex/human trafficking, homelessness and domestic violence are a few topics to be covered.
  • Summer 2018 online story-telling platform


Visit GWEN Live for films, series, books, music, master classes. The revenue streams from the platform go to fund programs, scholarships, and educational forums to expand the horizon of women, men, and children.


Our GWEN community is dedicated to being part of a transformation on a global scale and mobilizing individuals and organizations to work in collaboration rather than competition.

It is important to feel that you are part of a larger vision and to know that you are not alone. JOIN our community and tap into the stories of empowerment and EXPRESS YOURSELF! Watch this “Finding GWEN” video to the left and download the Evrybit app to share your thoughts on inner-beauty. Either through video, illustration, photograph, or story – you can share your thoughts on the importance of inner-beauty. Watch the video and see the stories of 17 women who came together to “find” the GWEN within!

“Grassroots efforts for a global mission!”