GWEN TALKS Radio dives into intimate conversations to create the crossroad for all GWEN content, celebrity, and commerce to come together in a unifying way to spread the word, share our stories and REVEAL TO HEAL!

Hosted by Tess Cacciatore, who brings 20+ years experience in entertainment experience with interviewing people from all over the globe, to share the culture and the stories from around the world.

Each show is co-hosted by a special guest, who then helps bring the guests to share their story. Each series gives tips for healthy living and intimate stories for healing, around the topics that pertain to our world today.

GWEN Talks Radio cross-pollinates and cross-promotes authors, musicians, filmmakers, activists, who have a story to share.


GWEN TALKS Radio launched October 11, 2017, on International Day of the Girl-Child to illustrate the importance of the empowerment of young girls and boys, to create a better future.

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